Within 25 years the first colonists will arrive at the New Worlds of space.

How will they survive?

How will they thrive?

For two days this fall,  world class scientists, experts and engineers will join some of the newest minds and future leaders to explain, discuss and debate the challenges and solutions facing those who will go out there.

Old ideas will be challenged.

New ideas will be presented for the first time.

Government explorers will tell us their plans.

Entrepreneurs and financial experts will talk about new businesses and ways to pay for these new communities.
Over 500 high school kids will design their own cities to be built on the Moon and Mars.
Makers will show us how they will make what we need to live.
Artists will show us what it will be like.

And then we celebrate!

New Worlds are about to open.


Space Settlement Symposium


We have 20 years to put together the technologies and systems we will need to survive and thrive beyond Earth.

A limited attendance academic event featuring the latest breakthroughs and ideas by some of the brightest minds on the planet to solve the challenges of life on the Moon, Mars and the Free Space between.

We want you!


Symposium Co-Chairs

Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar

Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar

Executive Director of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration
Pete Worden

Pete Worden

Chairman, Breakthrough Prize Foundation, Former Director of NASA's Ames Research Center
Phil Metzger

Phil Metzger

Planetary Physicist, Founder of Kennedy Space Center Swamp Works

Special Guest

William H. Gerstenmaier

William H. Gerstenmaier

NASA Associate Administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Directorate

Session Chairs

Alvin Yew

Alvin Yew

NIAC Program Manager, NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts
Dr. John Lewis

Dr. John Lewis

Professor Emeritus of Planetary Sciences, Univ. of Arizona
John Carrico

John Carrico

Astrogator at Google Terra Bella
Dr. Jim Logan

Dr. Jim Logan

Former NASA Senior Flight Surgeon, CEO, Space Enterprise Institute

Symposium Topics


Who Owns Space? property rights on the frontier

Citizens are going into space. Who has the right to do what and where out there? How do we avoid the mistakes made on Earth, yet encourage the harvest of space resources that might save the planet? How do we make sure no one grabs the solar system yet enable regular people to dream they might own a house on the Moon or homestead Mars?


SEX IN SPACE – Reproduction Beyond Earth

The idea of an exotic liaison in space is always hanging “out there”, and some believe it has already happened. But what of reproduction? What happens to embryos in different gravities, or levels of radiation? Will those who grow up on Mars, the Moon or floating in space be a new species?



The longest time a person has been in space is 437.7 days. Given we are going out there to live, what have we learned? How do we deal with radiation? Or different gravities? What about emergencies? What is different about each location? Can we build colonies that protect us from these issues, do we pop a pill, or do we engineer ourselves into something new?


FOOD – Farmers in the Sky

Napoleon said an army lives on its stomach. The same thing applies in space, where we will have to grow or make our own food. Learn about the amazing work now underway to develop high output agriculture and how these lessons can be applied to space, and how breakthroughs in space agriculture can help feed the Earth.


SPACE RESOURCES – Mining the Sky

Without the ability to use space resources there can be no frontier. We simply can’t bring everything we need from the Earth. From asteroid mining, to making propellant from the Martian atmosphere, we must learn to live off the land wherever we are in the Solar System. So how do we find and harvest those resources?


SPACE MAKERS – Manufacturing in Space

If you’re a million miles from Earth it makes sense to be able to make what you need to do the job where you are. From additive manufacturing to smelting steel and iron, or even growing biological constructs, we must be able to make what we need to build our new civilization.


THE SUN MACHINE – Space Solar Power

In space the sun shines 24/7/365. So how do we capture that energy and turn it into the power we need to build a new space civilization? Equally important, how can we send some of that power back to the Earth to help save the planet? And is it worth it?


SPACE TRANSPORT – Solar System Highways

While the rocketeers get us out of the gravity well, once we are in space we still need to get around. From solar sails to nuclear rockets and space elevators, low cost dependable transportation is what will knit together the frontier and leverage the new civilization of space.



While we have flown several space stations, no one has ever built a colony in space, and certainly not on the Moon or Mars. What kinds of construction techniques can we use in each of these locations? What kind of facilities and homes can we build?


DOWN PAYMENTS – Financing Space Colonies

Be it the Pilgrim’s Massachusetts Bay Company or the colonies of ancient Greece, the financing of space colonies has to come from somewhere. How will colonists pay for their investments? What models do we have? Do we start our investment accounts now?

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S.t.a.r. Talks

Space/Science Technology Art and Research

Open the air lock and blow your mind talks by leading edge thinkers about frontiers, the future and the fantastic.

In 17 minutes you will be beamed into new realms of thought and imagination. From space art to life on other worlds, trans-humanism to interstellar transport your picture of the world of tomorrow will change forever.


S.T.A.R. Talks Speakers

Jason Aspiotis

Jason Aspiotis

Founder & CEO at Finsophy Inc
Dr. Michael Waltemathe

Dr. Michael Waltemathe

Research Associate, Evangelical Theological Faculty, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
James Peyer

James Peyer

Managing Partner at Apollo Ventures
Margaret Race

Margaret Race

Senior Scientist at SETI Institute
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Technology Development Lead, CASIS

NW2015 CIS Awards #2

Cities in Space 2016 Competition

S.T.E.A.M. Space Student Design Workshop and Contest

New Worlds believes the first space citizens are alive right now.

An all day educational event where imaginations and creativity meet science and engineering to showcase the next generation’s ideas for the cities of tomorrow on the worlds of the frontier.


Let’s Do Launch

Share a meal with the leaders of the companies who will carry us to the frontier.

"A hundred miles up and you’re halfway to anywhere."


An exclusive private luncheon with someone who is blazing the first part of the trail to the Frontier.

These limited seating events will support New Worlds global outreach projects, education and research.


The Case For The Moon

Bob Richards

Bob Richards

CEO/Co-founder, Moon Express

The Case For Mars

Robert Zubrin

Robert Zubrin

President at Pioneer Energy, President at the Mars Society

The Case For Space Solar Power

Dr. John Mankins

Dr. John Mankins

Founder at Mankins Space Technology, Space Solar Power Expert
Lt. Col. Pete Garretson

Lt. Col. Pete Garretson

USAF, Space Power Strategist at Air University

Space Cowboy NW SteamPunk Frame




It’s 2116. You’re invited to a formal affair at a space colony on the Moon or Mars.

What on Earth (or space) will you wear?

The dress code is Future/Frontier or Formal.

The first ever of its kind Must Attend event of the space year. FireFly, BladeRunner, Star Wars or perhaps something a little more STEAM Punk…or Old West...(toga?)

We will honour the Space Cowboys of the Past, the Present and the Future.



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Symposium Details


Friday & Saturday,  November 4th & 5th, 2016


Renaissance Austin Hotel
9721 Arboretum Boulevard
Austin, Texas
78759 - USA